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About Cavyrn

What is Cavyrn?

Cavyrn is an Adventure game set in a randomly-generated open world with wide-open deserts and plains. New surprises await around every corner in the form of challenging caves, dungeons and enemies.

Where is Cavyrn going?

Steam! We've recently completely re-made the game in a more stable, more widely used, game engine (Instead of our from-the-ground-up engine we made in Java)

Who are you?

Our primary team consists of Jacob (Chief Programmer, Director), Tom (Assistant Programmer, Web, Director) and Sean (QA, Director). We have a number of awesome friends who help out with testing from time to time too; you can probably find them on the "Thanks" page!

A brief history of Cavyrn

Cavyrn originally started its life as "Delve" in 2013, but was changed due to naming conflicts with other games. We'd originally started developing Cavyrn in mid-2013 with the intention of taking it to the Young Game Designer BAFTA awards, but weren't able to get it to a reasonable state on time. Around Q1 2014 the game had to be shelved due to increasing pressure of school work and exams. We're back now, starting development of Cavyrn from scratch; We've managed to replicate what took us 5 months in 2013, in 4 weeks during 2017. We're older and wiser, and we hope that carries through to the game and the experience players receive!